Sharon Mapping Initiative




One of our biggest challenges is understanding the extent of Sharon’s inventory of derelict properties. Despite excellent county tax parcel data and Sanitary Authority information, there is no data that can definitively tell us the condition of a structure.  Even when combined with the best aerial views, the only way to accurately assess a property is to pay it a visit.

Collecting field information (eyes on the property) isn’t a new concept, but technology has improved significantly in recent years. Cities like Detroit, MI and Youngstown, OH have taken advantage of this.  Sharon is next.

What is GIS?

A Geographic Information Systems (GIS) presents data visually. Think of it as Google Maps with property boundries; each containing a bucket of information.  Mercer County’s Tax Parcel Viewer is a great example.  One can find information about where the tax bill is sent simply by clicking a property.

The Sharon Mapping Initiative will add important data to each property’s bucket. Using mobile devices, volunteers will tour the city and fill out a questionnaire about each property.  In conjunction with GIS specialists from Mercer County and the State Historical Preservation Office, we will collect information about every residential property in Sharon.

We need this information.   Your neighborhood can’t move forward without it.

If you have a mobile device and a libral data plan help us start to improve the value of your property, contact us.