Our Changing Neighborhoods

Blight has found a foot hold in some areas around Sharon and we would like to address it.  The Sharon Neighborhood Revitalization Committee thinks that our city should have publicly vetted neighborhood revitalization plans.

First, we need to understand the extent of the issues.  The Sharon Mapping Initiative will help us collect and organize this data.  We’ll need both surveyors and problem solvers with analytical skills. Could you help?

Our community has witnessed first-hand what happens when a single industry fails.  A healthy economic future for our valley  embraces diversity in our industries, peoples and housing options. 


We would like to attract:



  • Creative Persons (Not just artists and musicians, but folks who can work or live anywhere.  They bring their jobs with them).
  • Young Professionals (Sometimes picking a progressive location precludes looking for a job).
  • Baby Boomers (Retirees) (Financial and family benefits often enter into their landing decision).

Before we can improve our residential areas, we need to evaluate them.

Hundreds of our empty structures are encumbered with judgments and liens and aren’t attractive even at a judicial sale.

Speculative property buying is replacing traditional home ownership and while we appreciate committed investors who genuinely want what is best for Sharon, the surge in surplus properties has resulted in unacceptable situations.

Do you have any interest in helping us author a city-wide revitalization plan for our neighborhoods?

The Sharon Mapping Initiative is the first step but there are many ways for you to get invloved.  We need critical thinkers, planners, and visionaries.  Can you help?

In the end, this is about property values